Baraga County Catholic Community
Three Parishes *** One Family
Sacred Heart of Jesus *** St. Ann *** Holy Name of Jesus

Welcome to our Faith Community in the Diocese of Marquette
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Growing Disciples -- Seeking the Lost -- Advancing the Kingdom of God
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We, the members of Baraga County Catholic Community, are three parishes in one family. We seek daily for the grace of God poured out in prayer and the sacraments to be the-best-version-of-ourselves both as individual believers and as a fellowship of the Body of Christ. 

We seek the lost by our hands-on outreach and unwavering evangelization efforts. Our one aim is to advance the kingdom of God by living the motto of Venerable Bishop Frederic Baraga to do all we do for the greater glory of God, which is the "one thing necessary".
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Baraga County Catholic Community

Diocese of Marquette

Local Interest

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Please see the bulletin for Daily Mass Schedules
St Ann Saturday 4#5830 PM
Sunday 8#5800 AM
Sacred Heart Sunday 10#5800 AM
Holy Name of Jesus Sunday 12#5800 NOON
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Visit CATHOLIC ONLINE to get the latest Catholic news, find inspirational messages, learn more about your Catholic Faith.

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Sometime during the pregnancy the parents need to call the Parish office and set up an appointment with one of the priests.

At the time of engagement or at least six months in advance of the proposed wedding, please pick up the guidelines for Catholic marriages in the Parish office.

Before going to the Funeral Home, please call the Parish office to begin the planning process with one of the priests.

Volunteer Ministries#58
Contact the Parish office for available ministries.

Shut-In Program#58
Contact the Parish office to add home bound parishioners to the visitation list.
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Bible Study

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Patriotic Rosary Rally

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