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Deceased Priests and Deacons

Please pray for the deceased priests and deacons whose anniversary of their death are in the following weeks: 

Week of November 10:
Rev. James Lenhart, Rev. Frederick Hofmann, Rev. Thomas B. Coleman, Msgr. Glen F. Sanford, Rev. Jerome L. Larsen, Rev. John Kovalsky, Rev. Casper Douenburg, Rev. Donald P. Hartman

Week of November 17:
Rev. Bertin Harrington, O.F.M., Rev. John F. McArdle, Msgr. Joseph L. Zryd, Rev. Clement J. LePine, Msgr. Anton J. Rezek, Msgr. Victor A. Karch, Rev. Thomas G. Ruppe, Rev. Bernard Haas, S.J., Rev. Howard J. Brown

Prayer List

 Please pray for the people listed on this page, and let us know if you or any member of your family needs prayers.

CLICK HERE for a list of all those who need your prayers. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name, scroll down for complete list.  Please continue to pray for these people and their special intentions.  

CLICK HERE if you are interested in being notified when someone requests our community's prayers.  You will be asked to add your name, phone number and/or email address. We can notify you of the need for prayers in three ways: checking this website page for additions, by email, or by a phone call

CLICK HERE if you, someone in your family, or a friend needs our prayers.  You will be asked to enter the specifics of the request. We will not post a request to this site until the request has been reviewed. The request can be marked Private so it will not be posted on the site, but the people who ask to be notified will be contacted. If you would rather not add your request on the web, you can call Donna Soli at 524-4407

Most recent additions to the list: 
Name Prayer Request Date Added
 Ralph Van Wagner Special intention 11/11/19
 Joe Robillard Healing 11/1/19
 Judy Robillard Healing 10/14/19
 Marilyn Ross Healing 09/24/19
 Helen Robillard Special intention 09/16/19
 Mickey Martinac Health 09/09/19
 Roger Kitchen Special intention 09/09/19
 Ed Rock Health issues 08/26/19
 Peggy Jestila Robillard Special intention 08/11/19
 Taylor Sanregret Health 08/04/19
 Al Niemela Health 08/04/19
 Cameron Jackson Cancer Treatment 08/04/19
 Becca and Leify Healing 07/21/19 
 Al Theut Healing 07/21/19
 LaVonne Cadeau Healing 06/19/19
 Dennis Snell Special intention 05/22/19
 Barb Eilola Healing 05/22/19
 Donna Jensen Medical issues 05/14/19
 Jane Bowen Healing 05/13/19
 Ed and Lisa Larkin Special intention 04/29/19
 Tim McIntyre Special intention 04/22/19
 Nancy McIntyre Special intention 04/22/19
 Mary Fran Menge Health issues 03/13/19
 Janet Engle Special intention 03/13/19
 Margie Hale Special intention 03/13/19
 Carole Mannikko Health Issues 03/13/19
 Fr. Eric Olson Surgery on remaining kidney.  Family is asking for prayers. 02/10/19
 Kristen Hill Serious health issues02/03/19
 Bonnie Froberg Health issues 02/01/19
 Andrew Sheld Special Intention 01/22/19
 Jon Tarvainen Healing from surgeries 01/04/19