Perpetual Adoration

Baraga County Catholic Community
Three Parishes -- One Family
Sacred Heart of Jesus *** St. Ann *** Holy Name of Jesus


***Important Information For: Perpetual Eucharistic Adorers***

If you are unable to make your holy hour at the scheduled time:

1.     Contact the person that’s scheduled the same hour. Will they be there?

2.     Or, call the person before or after your hour. Can they come early or later?

3.     If no one can come, call the Sub or Leader for your scheduled time to fill-in.

4.     For an Emergency, please contact your Parish Adoration Coordinator.

Note: Someone must be with Jesus always!

If Adoration has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, please follow this:

1.     Adoration Coordinator will make the decision by 9pm if it’s cancelled.

2.     The Coordinator will contact the 1st person on the schedule & tell them.

3.     The first person will then contact the 2nd person & advise them to contact the 3rd person and so on, down the list, until all people are called. Then, the last person will call the Coordinator and let them know everyone is called. If you have to leave a message on a voicemail, make sure you call the next person on the list. You need to talk with someone to make sure everyone gets contacted. If we use this system of one person contacting the next, then the Coordinator won’t have to make so many calls. Thank you!

If you have to leave for an emergency during your holy hour, do Simple Repose:

1.     Genuflect reverently before the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance.

2.     Gently open the door on the back of the monstrance & remove the Luna.

3.     Place the Luna in the Ciborium which is on the altar near the monstrance.

4.     Place the Ciborium with the Luna in it, in the Tabernacle & lock the door.

5.     Genuflect reverently in front of the Tabernacle when you are done.

6.     Leave the monstrance door open & turn monstrance sideways on the altar.

7.     Return as soon as you can, if possible. Then, do Simple Exposition (which is the opposite of repose). Genuflect reverently & handle Jesus carefully!

*Your Parish Adoration Coordinator’s Name & Phone # are listed in the Bulletin. 

*Your Sub & Leader’s contact information is listed on your parish Info/Master List