Baraga County Catholic Community
Three Parishes -- One Family
Sacred Heart of Jesus *** St. Ann *** Holy Name of Jesus
Sacred Heart of Jesus 
16  Sixth Street
L'Anse, MI  49946
St. Ann
318 Lyons Street
Baraga, MI  49908
Holy Name of Jesus
14808 Assinins Road
Baraga, MI  49908
Pastor Father Corey Litzner, extension 2
Fr Corey

Deacon John Cadeau (Retired)
Secretary/Bulletin Editor Karen Mansfeldt, extension 3
Bookkeeper Wayne Schwartz, extension 4
Faith Formation  Call the Parish Office for assistance
Sacred Heart School Christy  Miron, Principal
Carrie Rich, Secretary

Parish Registration

Please click here to complete the registration form.  When it has been received, someone from the Parish will contact you.

Parish Councils

Sacred Heart Parish Council
Meets Monthly:  2nd Thursdays at 5:00pm
Tom Kurkowski (Finance)
Mary Mervar (Vice President)
Mary Presley
Diane Richard (President)
Fred Roberts
Jim Schwab
Chris Wahmhoff (Secretary)

Saint Ann Parish Council
Meets Monthly:  2nd Thursdays at 6:30pm
Tony Cerroni (Vice President)
 Tammy Crittenden
Jeanne Hill
Eric Kemppainen 
Todd Mayo (President)
Russ Weisinger (Secretary)

Holy Name Parish Council
Meets Monthly:  2nd Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Agatha Cardinal
Laura Dault
Bonnie Froberg 
Bill Jondreau (President) 
Nick Lindemann 
Gary Loonsfoot 
Evelyn Ravindran 

St. Ann's


Holy Name of Jesus


Sacred Heart of Jesus

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