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Directives from Bishop Doerfler

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Please click on this link to view the Diocese of Marquette COVID-19 Response web page with all the directives issued by our Bishop since this crisis began.  The most current is regarding Phase 1, opening the churches to Adoration.

Pilgrimage to Poland

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Pilgrimage to Poland 10-5-2020

Bishop Doerfler's Voter's Guide

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You can download Bishop Doerfler’s voter’s guide that appeared in the UP Catholic from



Camp Sancta Maria

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Camp Sancta Maria (CSM) is a Catholic camp located in Gaylord, Michigan, and we serve kids from all over Michigan and beyond. Quite a number of our campers come from the Marquette diocese, and some of our camp counselors are from there, as well.


At CSM, our campers escape the electronics and digital media that are part of their daily lives.  Infused into all of our adventures and activities is an atmosphere of faith, as we testify to our young people that the greatest joy in life comes from having a personal relationship with the Lord. Sessions run mid-June through mid-August .

Check out their website at www.CampSanctamaria.org.  

Bishop Chairmen Strongly Commend Administration for Action to Enforce Federal Conscience Law

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WASHINGTON—On January 24th, on the occasion of the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., the Trump Administration announced that it is taking steps to enforce the Weldon Amendment, a federal law that prohibits discrimination by states against health insurance plans that do not cover abortion. In 2014, the California Department of Managed Health Care began forcing all employers—even churches—to fund and facilitate elective abortions in their health plans in direct violation of the Weldon amendment.  Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, and Bishop George V. Murry, S.J. of Youngstown, chairman of the Committee for Religious Liberty, issued the following statement in response to this enforcement action:

“Today’s announcement is extraordinarily good news for the right to life, conscientious objection, religious freedom and the rule of law. For nearly six years, employers in California—including churches—have been forced to fund and facilitate abortions in their health insurance plans in direct violation of a federal conscience protection law known as the Weldon amendment. This coercive California policy is abhorrent, unjust and illegal. We strongly commend the Trump Administration for taking this critical action to enforce federal law and correct this supreme injustice to the people and employers of California. Sadly, violations of federal conscience laws are on the rise. We hope that this enforcement action, and subsequent actions by the Administration, will stop further unlawful discrimination against people who reject abortion as a violation of the most basic human and civil rights.”


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We are blessed to have new contacts for NFP training.  Natural Family Planning is part of preparation for marriage in the Diocese of Marquette.  The training can be done face-to-face or online.
Marquette Area
Lisa LaBar, DPT
Iron Mountain Area
Dr. Kristi Olson

Bishop Doerfler's Video on Ending Dismemberment Abortion

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Please view Bishop Doerfler's video on the End Dismemberment Abortion petition drive at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QIP99-sGtM&feature=share

Abuse Prevention Website

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Bishop Doerfler wants us all to be aware of a new abuse prevention website launched by the US Bishops dealing with the Protection of Children and Young People, more commonly known as the Dallas Charter.  https://www.usccbprevention.org/


Catholic School Endowment Challenge

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  • Congratulations to Sacred Heart Catholic School in L’Anse, Father Marquette Catholic Academy, and St. John Paul II Catholic Academy on reaching their goal for the Catholic School Endowment Challenge! For more information, visit the Stewardship & Development resource page dioceseofmarquette.org/stewardshipresources

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